About Us

Tara and Laurene, having spent decades in the hospitality industry, with long hours and late nights, found themselves wanting for a place to caffeinate and feed. The sacrifice was always one or the other, never both. On the commute to an evening management role in restaurants, it was a multi stop endeavor to be able to caffeinate and nourish.

This led to the question of why?

Armed with the experience and know-how, a business plan was developed that would finally hit the needs of a community rooted in hospitality. A one stop experience, transparent in operations and elevated in offerings.

The choice to name our brand Pineapple Espresso was deliberate. Pineapples have long been recognized as an international symbol of hospitality. We believe we embody this spirit by prioritizing personal connections. the choice to not receive an order thru a speaker box was intentional; we genuinely want to know every guest who visits us, from their names to their preferred drinks and favorite foods. Building relationships with our community is at the core of our mission.

At Pineapple Espresso, we pride ourselves on being engrained into the fabric of our community. We have established 15 local partnerships, supporting and collaborating with other businesses that share our vision. By doing so, we contribute to the growth and prosperity of our beloved St. Petersburg. We are incredibly blessed to be part of this town, and we cherish the opportunity to serve our community.

When it comes to our menu, we prioritize your well-being. Our food is designed to make you feel good, both physically and emotionally. We believe in the power of whole, locally sourced ingredients that keep you full and nourished. Each bite is carefully crafted with love and care, providing doctors, teachers, parents, and everyone else with real food options that promote a healthy lifestyle.

In St. Petersburg, we’ve found a special place that holds a unique significance in our hearts. Having lived and traveled all over this country, this town has a particular charm and energy that is truly exceptional. We’re grateful every day to be a part of this moment in time, serving the wonderful people of St. Pete.

Thank you for joining us at Pineapple Espresso! We invite you to experience the joy of genuine hospitality, indulge in our nourishing food, and become an integral part of our warm and welcoming community. Together, let’s create moments of connection and celebration, one cup of coffee and one delicious bite at a time.